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Author Guidelines

Author Guidelines


Contact Information: 

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Manuscript submission in International Journal of Chemical and Analytical Science(IJCAS) is a  peer-reviewed international journal, which publishes reviews, research articles and short communications in all aspects of chemical and analytical sciences.



Manuscripts submitted to the journal should not have been published earlier or be under simultaneous consideration for publication by any other journal. Violation may lead to a retraction of the published article by the journal and other actions as deemed necessary by the editor. All articles (including invited articles) will be peer-reviewed, followed by editing of the accepted articles according to the guidelines of  the journal. Accepted manuscripts become the property of the journal and may not be reproduced, in whole or in part, without the written permission of the editor.



Manuscripts must confirm to the instructions given below:


Therefore, the corresponding author is requested to mention the branches  in which comes under either pharmaceutical, biological sciences  or chemical science for their manuscript in their cover letter. 

Submit your manuscript with cover letter



Original Manuscripts: Manuscripts submitted in this category are expected to be concise, well organized, and clearly written. The maximum length is 3,000 words, including the abstract, references, tables, and figure legends. The structured abstract must not exceed 300 words. The title must not exceed 150 characters. References should be limited to those critical and relevant to the manuscript and should not exceed a maximum of 30.

Acceptance of original manuscripts will be based upon originality and importance of the investigation.

These manuscripts are reviewed by editors and, in majority of cases, by two  or more experts in the field.

 Authors shall be responsible for the quality of language and style and are strongly advised against submitting a manuscript grammatically incorrect. The editors reserve the right to reject poorly written manuscripts even if their scientific content is qualitatively suitable for publication.

Animal Studies: In studies involving animal experimentation, authors must include a statement giving assurance that all animals received human care and that study protocols comply with the institutions guidelines.

Human Studies: Manuscripts reporting data from research conducted on humans must provide assurance that (a) informed consent in writing was obtained from each patient, and (b) the study protocol confirmed to the ethical guidelines of the 1975 Declaration of Helsinki as reflected in a priori approval by the appropriate institutional review committee.

Review Articles: Review articles on selected basic topics of interest for the readers of the International Journal of Chemical and Analytical Science (IJCAS) will primarily be solicited by the editors.

Review articles are also welcome by experts; however, any proposals for reviews should be discussed with the editor before submission. Review articles are expected to be clear, concise, and updated. Review articles must be accompanied by a title page and summary. The word limit for review articles is 4,000 words, excluding the summary, references, tables, and figures. References should not exceed a maximum of 40.

The inclusions of colored, high-quality tables and figures to summarize critical points are highly desirable ( in excel format ). Review articles are reviewed by the editors and may be sent to outside expert reviewers before a final decision for publication is made. Revisions may be required.

Editorial: This section consists of editorial comments on articles published in the International Journal of Chemical and Analytical Science (IJCAS). The length of an editorial should not exceed 2,000 words, excluding references. Please limit reference count to a maximum of 20 references. A table and a figure can be included.

Case Reports: The word limit for a case report is 2,500 words; including the summary and references (a maximum of 15 references is allowed). A title page must be provided. Tables and figures can be included.

Figures/Illustrations/Photographs: Photographs may be submitted as excel files in a separate attachment . In clinical photographs, identity of the subjects should be suitably masked; in case this is not possible, a written permission from the concerned person should accompany the manuscript.

Legends to Figures: The Figure number (numbered consecutively in Arabic numerals), title and explanations of the Figures should appear in the legend (not on the Figure). Type the legends on a separate page. Enough information should be included to interpret the Figure without reference to the text.

Letters to the Editor: Letters to the editor will be considered for publication only if they are related to articles published in recent issues of the International Journal of Chemical and Analytical Science (IJCAS) or are relevant brief reports of preliminary data that can be published if they provide new insights. Letters must not be longer than 500 words, and may contain only one table or figure and a total of 10 references. Letters must have a title. Please provide a title page for letters.


General: Manuscript must be in "Times New Roman" font size 10, with double spacing throughout. Please arrange the manuscript as follows: Title page, Abstract, Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion, and References. Number all pages consecutively at the bottom, beginning with the title page. Figures and tables must be cited in the manuscript (consult a recent issue of the journal for details). Only the title page should bear the names and addresses of the author(s).

Title Page: In animal studies, the title should state the species; all other titles will refer to human studies. State names of authors (including first names), the departments, and the institution where the work was done. The journal reserves the right to ask for the contribution of each author to an article. A short, running title, not exceeding 40 characters, must be provided. Please provide the name, postal address with PIN code, facsimile number and E-mail address of the author to whom communications and proofs are to be sent. Acknowledgements, if any, may be mentioned on this page.

Abstract: The abstract should summarize the most important points in the study. Original articles should include a structured abstract of about 300 words under the following headings: Background/Objectives, Methods, Results, and Conclusions. References should not be included. Less than 10 keywords, not present in the title, to assist indexing, should be typed in alphabetical order below the abstract; these may be obtained from the Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) database of "Pubmed".

Introductory Statement: Do not include a heading. Provide the minimum background information that will orient the general reader.

Results: Present the major findings of the study. Do not illustrate minor details if their message is conveyed adequately by simple descriptive text. Mention all tables and figures.

Discussion: Concisely present the implications of the new findings for the field as a whole, minimizing reiteration of the results, avoiding repetition of material in the introduction, and keeping a close focus on the specific topic of the paper.

Acknowledgments: These should appear at the end of the manuscript. The source of funding as well as a disclosure statement mentioning conflicts of interest, if any, should appear under this heading.

References: Number the references in the order in which they appear in the text and identify the reference numbers in the text in superscript.

References may be placed at the end of the manuscript.

Publications as abstract and letters should be so identified in parentheses.

The responsibility for accuracy of references lies with the respective authors.

The general arrangement, abbreviations of journal names and punctuations followed are as per the Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts submitted to IJCAS Journal . Please pay attention to the style of references and punctuations.




Tables: Prepare tables on individual sheets of paper, double-spaced, and numbered consecutively with Arabic numerals in the order of their appearance in the text.

Do not duplicate material presented in a figure.

Tables should read vertically when possible and should have headings for each column.

Necessary explanatory notes, if any, may be given below the table.




Figures/Illustrations/Photographs: Illustrations should be clear enough and of appropriate size (5 inch × 7 inch or larger) for better reproduction or send original excel file . If illustrations are scanned, then they should be scanned at minimum of 300 dpi. Color images must be CMYK. Line art drawing must have a minimum resolution of 1200 dpi. Photographs and X-rays should be sent as black and white glossy prints. Photographs may be submitted as "jpeg", or "tiff" files in a zipped folder. 





Legends to Figures: The figure number (numbered consecutively in Arabic numerals), title and explanations of the figures should appear in the legend (not on the figure). Type the legends on a separate page. Enough information should be included to interpret the figure without reference to the text.




Units: All measurements must be in metric units, preferably with corresponding SI units in parentheses.

Permissions: Direct quotations, tables, or illustrations taken from copyrighted material must be accompanied with written permission for their use from the publisher and the original author.

The permission is presented as a footnote or addition to the legend and must provide complete information as to source. Photographs of identifiable persons must be accompanied by a signed release that indicates informed consent.

send the copyright  signed by all authors 


All submitted manuscripts go through peer review. Each manuscript will be reviewed by two to three reviewers who are subject matter experts in the concerned field. The authors of accepted manuscripts may be required to pay the manuscript processing charges. Please note that these charges will have to be paid once an editorial decision of acceptance has already been made.





Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.

  1. As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines. 

    1.      The submission ( Research or Review ) has not been previously published elsewhere, is original and has been written by the stated authors.

    2.      The article is not currently being considered for publication by any other journal and will not be submitted for such review while under review by  JPR:BioMedRx: An international Journal.

    3.      The submission file is in Microsoft Word file (2003 or 2000 format).All Tables and figures in Excel format only

    4.   Table number ,figure number should be placed within the text at the appropriate points rather than at the end.

    5.   Figures should be always original. if copied then proper citation must be placed bellow the figures.

    6.   corresponding authors E-mail,Mobile number and full address must be given at the first page of article.

    7.  copyright must be signed by all authors and submitted along with article.

    8. Do not copy of 10 words at a stretch many words or paragraph from other author published work.

    9. work should be novel and full of novel informations

    10. references given in text should be superscript with numerical .


Copyright Notice

International Journal of Chemical and Analytical Science 

Copyright Notice

                                Copyright agreement and authorship responsibility



The Editor,

International Journal of Chemical and Analytical Science 


EDITOR  Prof.S.Parial

Dear editor,

Sub: Submission of an original paper with copyright agreement and authorship responsibility ( submit by e-mail only)

 Topic entitled:


 I certify that I have participated sufficiently in the conception and design of this work and the analysis of the data (wherever applicable), as well as the writing of the manuscript, to take public responsibility for it. I believe the manuscript represents valid work. I have reviewed the final version of the manuscript and approve it for publication. Neither has the manuscript nor one with substantially similar content under my authorship been published or is being considered for publication elsewhere, except as described in an attachment. Furthermore I attest that I shall produce the data upon which the manuscript is based for examination by the editors or their assignees, if requested.


Kindly find it suitable to publish in your esteemed journal.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely,



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