International Journal of Chemical and Analytical Science, Vol 3, No 3 (2012)

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Sep 03
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Extractive Spectrophotometric Method for Determination of Meoxipril HCl and Perindopril in raw materials and tablets using ion pair formation

HM Elqudaby*1 FA Nour El-Dien2, Eman YZ Farg2, Noha M Kamal El-Dien2, Gehad G Mohamed2


A simple and rapid extraction spectrophotometric method has been developed for the determination of some angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor drugs (ACE) such as perindopril (PRD) and meoxipril (MOEX) in pure and different dosage forms.  The method involves the formation of tense yellow ion pairs between these drugs under investigation with methyl orange (MO) and bromocresol green (BCG) at pH 2.5 followed by their extraction with chloroform. The absorbance is measured at 414 and 416 nm for PRD and 414 and 413 nm for MOEX, using MO and BCG reagents, respectively. The analytical parameters and their effects on the proposed system are investigated. Experimental conditions for the method permits the determination of PRD and MOEX over the concentration ranges of 2 – 140 and 2 – 120 µg mL-1 for PRD and 2 – 90 and 2 – 140 µg mL-1 for MOEX using MO and BCG reagents , respectively. The sandell sensitivity is found to be 2.84 and 2.74 gcm-2 and 2.67 and 0.169 gcm-2 for PRD and MOEX using MO and BCG, respectively. The relative standard deviation and the limits of detection (LOD) were calculated. The proposed method has been applied successfully for the determination of the drugs under investigation in row materials and commercial tablets. No significant interference was observed from the excipients commonly used as pharmaceutical aids with assay procedure. The results are in good agreement with those obtained by the official method.

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