Vol 2, No 5 (2011)

Review and Research Articles

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Research and review article

Table of Contents

Research Articles

  • Effect of â-carotene from Chlorococcum humicola on biomarker enzymes, Lipid peroxidation and Antioxidants in B(a)P induced lung cancer
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    Bhagavathy.S1 and Sumathi.P2 Total citation:00
  • Synthesis and photoluminescence of blue phosphors NaBaB9O15: Eu2+
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    J. T. Ingle1, R. P.Sonekar2, S. K.Omanwar3, S. V. Moharil4 Total citation:00
  • Effect of chromium hexavalent on seed germination, early seedling growth and biochemical constituents of pea
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    Praveen Sharma*, Manju Mohan and S.P Goyal** Total citation:00
  • A New Approaches: Coating of a Paper with Biodegradable Polymer
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    Prof. R.J.Memon [1], Dr. M. Talib [2], Mr. A.S.Khan [3].* Total citation:00
  • Visible Spectrophotometric estimation of capecitabine in pharmaceutical formulations
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    P.Janaki Pathi*1, P.Saifulla Khan2, P.Raveendra Reddy3 and N. Appala Raju4 Total citation:01
  • Estimation of Zuclopenthixol Acetate in Parenterals by RP-HPLC
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    Ravi Pratap Pulla*1, Dr.B.S.Sastry2, Dr.Y.Rajendra Prasad3, Dr.N.APPALA RAJU4 Total citation:00
  • RP-HPLC method for the estimation of pantoprazole sodium in bulk and in dosage forms
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    *Suddhasattya Dey1, Himansu Bhusan Samal1, Dhiraj Kumar1, Y. Priyanka1, Avijit Choudhary2, Sudhir Kumar Sahoo3, P.N. Murthy3, Tapobana Samanta4 & D. Mohanty5 Total citation:01