Vol 3, No 7 (2012)

Review and Research Articles

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Table of Contents

Review Articles

  • Photoacoustic Spectroscopy and its Application in Life Science-An Overview
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    Seema Nainwal, S. Kimothi Total citation: 00

    Research Articles

  • Facile Synthesis, Spectral Investigations and Biocidal Studies of Ruthenium (Ii) Schiff Base Complex
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    S Kalaivani, N Padma Priya and S Arunachalam* Total citation: 00
  • Free Radical Scavenging and Antioxidant Impact of Boerhaavia diffusa and Paeonia emodie on Copper Mediated Oxidative Modification of Low Density Lipoprotein in Normallipidemic Subjects
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    Shivani Baranwal, Noor Fatima, Vandna Saini, Ravindra Nath Singh, Fouzia Ishaq, Amir Khan Total citation: 00
  • Differential Thermal Analysis of Quercetin-Gamma-Cyclodextrin Inclusion Complex
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    Sushama Vaishnav-Hota, Perumal P., Kulkarni G. K. Total citation: 00
  • Ni (II) Selective Sensors Based on (E) 4-amino-N-benzylidene benzohydrazide as Schiff Base Membranes in Polyvinyl Chloride
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    Abdo M. El-Tabl, Nashwa M.H. Rizk, Ahmed A. Abo-Baker Total citation: 00
  • Simultaneous Estimation of Clonidine and Hydrochlorothiazide by Reverse Phase HPLC in Bulk and Pharmaceutical Dosage Form
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    Kamepalli Sujana, D Gowri Sankar, Konda Abbulu, O.Bala Souri Total citation: 00
  • Evaluation of free radical scavenging activity of curcumin and its analogues by a superoxide dismutase biosensor
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    Riccarda Antiochia, Luigi Campanella Total citation: 00
  • In vitro Antigonorrhoeal Activity and Extraction of Chemical Constituents from the Leaves of Chromolaena odorata (Lin.) Locally Known as ‘BANMARA’
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    Keshab Chandra Mondal, Dipak Bhargava, Jagadish Narayan Shivapuri, Sanjay Kar Total citation: 00